Motorcycle and Powersport Batteries

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The Largest Inventory at The Best Value

Rexx Battery Company maintains the largest selection of powersport batteries in central Illinois. Our selection covers OEM sizes for almost every model of motorcycle, scooter, ATV, UTV, power watercraft, and snowmobile to ever be in production. Our Eagle brand has been available since 1981 and is a proven name in reliability and value. Almost any motorcycle or powersport battery purchase also includes free installation.

Deka ETX Line High Performance AGM

Rexx Battery is proud to also offer the best in lead-acid battery technology. The Deka Sports Power ® ETX™ Battery was designed for more than performance, it was designed for the enthusiast. Completely spillproof and season-to-season reliability means frequent replacement and high maintenance are over! The absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology increases power while improving rider and environmental safety. The key to this technology is the highly porous microfiber separators which completely absorb and trap the electrolyte. Molded top and side connection terminals provide versatility, increased strength and durability. Deka ETX batteries offer some of the highest CCA ratings in an OEM fit.

Antigravity Lithium-Ion Batteries

Not only does Rexx Battery Company have a full line of traditional and AGM starting batteries, we are also proud to offer Antigravity Lithium-Ion starting batteries. These lightweight batteries are perfect for someone looking to loose some weight in their bike or another powersport application without sacraficing any power. Rexx offers them in both a compact, non-OEM fit perfect for racing bikes and motocross as well as traditional OEM sizes for street bikes. Antigravity is THE perfect battery for racing.